January 13, 2006

Beckham to shine at World Cup 2006

Svennis is at it again - bigging up David Beckham on the LMA website. Talking of Beckham and the World Cup later this year Svennis said "Beckham will be England's captain in Germany and I will not even discuss anyone else. He's calm in the dressing room and when he talks, people listen."

There is a very good reason for that but we won't go into it now.

Beckham has never had a good World Cup tournament for England in my opinion. Beckham lost it for England during his first under Glenn Hoddle and the last World Cup playing Beckham meant we were playing with 10 men.

He gets into the team on his celebrity status and because of this the team is never 100% - I'd far rahter see Shaun Wright Phillips given a chance down the right than Beckham or anyone else to be honest. If he costs us another World Cup surely that will be his Knighthood gone for good?


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