January 25, 2006

I'd slap little Michael Owen if he was here now

I don't like Michael Owen that much. Whenever I see him play that changes because there is no doubt he's a good player but whenever he opens his little gobshite mouth it winds me up.

Today he has spoken off the Sven affair and said "We want to concentrate on the World Cup" referring to the mounting speculation of who the new manager will be.

First things first, he better get himself fit and scoring as he shouldn't consider himself an automatic choice. Second if he wants to concentrate on the World Cup then concentrate on the World Cup - don't tell us you want to or that the speculation is going to effect you for Gods sake.

Given the opportunities he's had I could have probably scored as many and be earning a million a month. Shut up you little twit and let your football do the talking.

Rant over, sorry. I'm just fed up of so many players turning to talking the talk when they start fading as players and not doing the business - Beckham is another!


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