January 15, 2006

Is Svennis the man to lead England?

I for one think he is but for only one reason - I think a change now would be bad and the ego of David Beckham could probably cause more damage than good.

I don't know what to believe about what I read in the paper today but one thing I do know is this; the News of the World shouldn't be publishing something like this so close to the World Cup. Sure, publish it but it should have been published after the World Cup - nobody is going to fire the Swede now as it as good as ruins the chances of any success.

It is quite amazing though that Michael Owen only signed for Newcastle because of the money and that Beckham wants out of Real Madrid. Apparently Sven will also take the managers job at Aston Villa if somebody paid him the same cash as Jose of Chelsea gets.

I don't know what the Aston Villa fans would think about it but I'd have him as manager if only for the players he could attract.


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