February 08, 2006

England World Cup 2006 Song

A song has been produced for the England World Cup squad called 'Coming Back for Moore' and has been released on the internet for a fraction of the cost you'd have to pay in the shops - you even get the lyrics and a free 30 second download before buying.

A contribution of all the money raised will go to Cancer Research UK and the Bobby Moore fund. If you can think of a better reason not to go buy this you can tie me up to a fountain in Trafalgar Square, call me Diego and pelt me rotten veg.

By it now and don't make me hunt you down. Come on England!


Blogger Tommy said...

There is a full list of England World Cup 2006 Songs here:
Scroll down the page until you see the Lion.
Links and Lyrics.

2:00 am  

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