February 15, 2006

French fool Cantona picks England over France for World Cup in Germany

Eric Cantona supports England for World Cup in Germany 2006

You either love French poet and one time footballer Eric Cantona or you don't. I suspect if your name is Michael Simmons or you live in Liverpool you don't like him, but I'm actually a little surprised to admit I think he's an okay bloke.

I literally bumped into Eric at a Kronenberg beach five a side event in Hyde Park a few years ago. All the beer was free and when I met him I'd had a few inside me so don't remember much but do remember thinking he was okay for a Frenchman.

Well, he's done something special today and confirmed he'll be supporting England during the World Cup in Germany later this year. The ex Manchester United player had this to say "I will not be supporting France — it will be England but I will be happy if Brazil or Italy win."

You can't respect any man that turns his back on his country but for supporting England he gets a nod of appreciation from me.


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