March 29, 2006

Tits out for England: Great song for World Cup in Germany

World Cup songs are popping up all over the place and I've now got my favorite.

Branded and Tits out for the lads is the song I'm going to be listening to when traveling wherever I end up traveling this summer.

The FA announced yesterday that Embrace will sing the official England song called 'World at your feet' but for me Tits Out does it for me. Asked to play one song 'World at your feet' or 'Tits Out' and I know what I'd pick.

"We think we've got a really good song and hopefully it will repeat the success of previous songs such as New Order's World in Motion," said Embrace lead singer Danny McNamara.

Well, he would wouldn't he! You can listen to Tits Out here.

March 27, 2006

Little Mikey Owen likely to be fit for Germany

I'm not the biggest Michael Owen fan but he is a great striker and after spending most of the season picking up a fortune each week for sitting on the treatment table it looks like he'll still be attending the World Cup with Team England even if he is only 80% fit.

We saw with David Beckham in 2002 that you shouldn't take an injured player to the tournament but if reports coming out of Michael Owen Limited are anything to go by he is going to be in Germany and he is going to be representing England.

Should he go? It all depends for me on him getting 8 or 10 games under his belt and scoring 5 or 6 goals, not declaring fitness. There are other strikers who have played all season who quite literally 'deserve' it more than Owen.

March 15, 2006

$6bn. to be made by mobile services over 30 days during World Cup

I've just read a report that says over $6 billion will be made during the World Cup in Germany primarily by companies selling ring tones and people sending text messages.

Can I have some of this and is this a joke? How many zeroes does a billion have anyway?

We've all got too much money these days so what I'm going to do is ask some is sent to me instead. Email me and offer to help pay for my trip to Germany in June - I'll give you a mention on here and even pop up a logo of yours if you have one and I promise to click on it every day.

The World has gone mad!