April 30, 2006

Rooney a doubt for the World Cup

Wayne Rooney broke his metatarsal bone in his right foot yesterday in the 3-0 defeat to Chelsea and as good as destroyed any hope of England winning the World Cup.

I know we shouldn't expect one player to carry all the hope for us fans but he does doesn't he?

Wayne Rooney is out and our chances have vanished, especially as we're likely to play a Michael Owen who will not be match fit and a David Beckham who hasn't been match fit for 5 years.

I might support Sweden instead this year!

April 24, 2006

Finally somebody speaks out against Beckham

Bryan Robson, former England captain and all round super hero has finally confirmed what everyone thought about David Beckham; he's not a leader.

Personally I don't think he's good enough to be in the England squad and I'd much rather have SWP on the right. Becks was good enough and could probably still do a job for England but we all know he's past his prime. Playing him is only reducing our chances of success this year and his media monkeys will do nothing to convince me of otherwise.

It's okay wanting to win and telling us enough times we've got a great chance but with Becks in the team I'm afraid we have no chance. If Sven continues to pick him it will disappoint me.

Well done Robson, it took real balls to come out and say that against the self appointed leader.

April 22, 2006

Please God not Steve McClaren for England

Steve McClaren is a waste of space made famous as an assistant manager. He's shown at Middlesbrough he's a crap manager so why should we give him the England job?

The England job is all about motivating players and getting across tactics. Has anyone ever seen a less motivated team than Middlesbrough?

McClaren asks to be judged on his record in the papers today so I've had a look at it. He's been in charge at Middlesbrough for 243 games. Of those he's won 96, lost 89 and drawn the rest. It's not a bad record and there are worse but there are also better.

The point is it's not about 'your record'. Sure that gets you in the window its about your ability to fire people up and I just don't think McClaren has it. He' like the timid kid at school in the shadow of someone else that you always used to laugh at.

No to Steve McClaren please. He'll not do bad but we'll certainly not win anything. If you want to win something put in Stuart Pearce or Big Sam from Bolton. Not the guy who wet his bed until he was 12.

April 11, 2006

A golden ball for the winners of Germany 2006

I was yawning as I read about this earlier today and every time I think about it I yawn again. It's only football, why do we have to make a gimmick out of everything?

News that the average premiership player earns over 600k a year was also released today. The whole game is a joke but football is football and its in our blood.

Well back to the title of this post. The winners of Germany this year will get given a golden ball that they'll use at all of their games until South Africa in 2010. Not that many are really likely to forget who the World Cup holders are but I suppose it's a nice idea and it's another way for FIFA to make more money out of the tournament.