April 24, 2006

Finally somebody speaks out against Beckham

Bryan Robson, former England captain and all round super hero has finally confirmed what everyone thought about David Beckham; he's not a leader.

Personally I don't think he's good enough to be in the England squad and I'd much rather have SWP on the right. Becks was good enough and could probably still do a job for England but we all know he's past his prime. Playing him is only reducing our chances of success this year and his media monkeys will do nothing to convince me of otherwise.

It's okay wanting to win and telling us enough times we've got a great chance but with Becks in the team I'm afraid we have no chance. If Sven continues to pick him it will disappoint me.

Well done Robson, it took real balls to come out and say that against the self appointed leader.


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