April 22, 2006

Please God not Steve McClaren for England

Steve McClaren is a waste of space made famous as an assistant manager. He's shown at Middlesbrough he's a crap manager so why should we give him the England job?

The England job is all about motivating players and getting across tactics. Has anyone ever seen a less motivated team than Middlesbrough?

McClaren asks to be judged on his record in the papers today so I've had a look at it. He's been in charge at Middlesbrough for 243 games. Of those he's won 96, lost 89 and drawn the rest. It's not a bad record and there are worse but there are also better.

The point is it's not about 'your record'. Sure that gets you in the window its about your ability to fire people up and I just don't think McClaren has it. He' like the timid kid at school in the shadow of someone else that you always used to laugh at.

No to Steve McClaren please. He'll not do bad but we'll certainly not win anything. If you want to win something put in Stuart Pearce or Big Sam from Bolton. Not the guy who wet his bed until he was 12.


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