April 30, 2006

Rooney a doubt for the World Cup

Wayne Rooney broke his metatarsal bone in his right foot yesterday in the 3-0 defeat to Chelsea and as good as destroyed any hope of England winning the World Cup.

I know we shouldn't expect one player to carry all the hope for us fans but he does doesn't he?

Wayne Rooney is out and our chances have vanished, especially as we're likely to play a Michael Owen who will not be match fit and a David Beckham who hasn't been match fit for 5 years.

I might support Sweden instead this year!


Blogger LX 72 said...

i agree - England puts all her hopes into one player. Just look at the online polls, most of them had england for a winner - until rooney's injury. Now it seems nobody in Britain believes England will win and polls are frozen...


7:12 am  

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