May 13, 2006

Less than a month to the big kick off

Sven has picked a toddler for his provisional squad and Rooney and Owen will probably not make it and if they do they're not going to be 100%.

It should be depressing times but I've still got a glimmer of hope. I think Sven has overlooked some players that could do a job but he knows best, doesn't he?

England will be fired up for this tournament and for some of the squad it will be the last chance to win it. Beckham can be an inspiration and he'll be the one in the dressing room reminding the players of the war and battles in the past.

England are still in with a shout and Sven reckons we can get to the final. I reckon if we can get to the final we can win it just like West Ham can today. My big concern is getting knocked out in the fist stage as I think it's possible.

I've still not got my tickets but I'm going anyway. Come on England!


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