June 08, 2006

24 hours and counting: World Cup 2006

I've gone a bit crazy and purchased 240 cans of beer for the next month. It's not as much as you might think as pretty much every night is going to be a beer night and there will be people around watching; I'm so keen I'm starting tonight just to get in the groove.

Every match is a big one if you're an England fan simply because we could be going out at any time but deep down I think we'll go all the way especially if Rooney is fit and doesn't suffer any setbacks.

Twenty-four hours to go and all I can say is good luck lads. You've got the players, you've got the ability and all you've got to do now is go out and want it more than everyone else.

Thirty days of bliss is just about to begin. Come on England!


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