June 14, 2006

Bring on Trinidad and Tobago

Sweden drew with Trinidad and Tobago but I'm putting that down to Sweden and not T&T. I don't think we'll have any problems against them and fully expect a bag full of goals.

David Beckham has said "What we've noticed, is that the top teams, the teams that are rated as favorites, all played well and won their first games. Argentina looked strong, and Italy came into the game with people talking about Totti having been out a long time, but he controlled things and caused a lot of problems. There's going to be a big threat from a lot of teams."

Well, what I've noticed is that England are going to win this group. Sweden were average and I reckon Paraguay will come second. Germany are going to win their group so we'll probably face Ecuador if they play like they did the other day which pretty much guarantees us through to the quarter finals.

But for now, bring on Trinidad & Tobago.


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