June 16, 2006

England go through but not very convincing

I have to go meet someone in about half an our for a late breakfast and I have one of those hangovers that is only active in the guts. Normally this wouldn't be an issue but the chap I'm meeting loves a fry-up; not sure if I can handle it this morning. We'll soon find out.

Anyway, the reason I've got this monster hangover is England beat Trinidad and Tobago last night. It wasn't convincing and I'm not sure what Svennis is trying to do but a victory is a victory and England are through to the second round.

Germany play Ecuador at 3pm on the 20th and we play Sweden at 8pm. We'll know then what we've got to do to avoid Germany and I think Sweden will oblige as they need a draw or victory to confirm their place.

I'm going for my breakfast then I'm going back to bed for a couple of hours. Come on England!