June 26, 2006

Poor Aussies lose in last few seconds

I gotta admit I'm feeling a little sorry for Australia tonight. They were beaten by a referee that doesn't know the basic rules and a team more used to diving and cheating than fair play.

The referee made a very bad decision when he gave Italy a penalty kick with 10 seconds on the clock. First, it wasn't a penalty as the tackle was made; the cheating Italian basically thought he'd fall over the player instead of go round him and second he's doing FIFA no favors with yet another bad display from the referee.

We, as Englishmen, can't complain too much after our own representative at the tournament made a mockery of the game and should never referee again but come on; we know the Italians cheat because there is an investigation into match fixing in Italy going on as we speak so why the referees don't look out for this from them baffles me.

If I were a representative of the Australian FA I'd tell everyone that was willing to listen it's not fair or right; see who Sepp Blatter blames then!


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