June 11, 2006

Three points is three points

I really have got one of the worst hangovers I can remember. I sometimes say this to the wife to get an extra hour in bed but this time I really mean it.

I'm told I've got a bit carried away with the World Cup. I think it comes every four years I can get a bit carried away.

England won. They didn't play great but they won. The first gaem is normally a little strange so I'm not going to thing too much about it. England won and we're top of the group; if we were offered what we've got we would have all taken it so I'm a happy chap.

Come on England.


Blogger fifa2006 said...

1: 0 England's winning the first battle. But looked in the heart is melancholy. Originally thinks England, war of the Paraguay with Germany, war of the Costa Rica is an edition competition.

The result is has not been anxious, but anticipates is England's outstanding performance, the result... ... Disappointed!

The Lu Nepal, England as if has not been short the fighting spirit, the entire field ball kicks softly. The forbidden area passes on the quality barely satisfactory, entire audience besides saw Clouch goes all out the form, other English people all love the often appearance. I did not know this glossary uses is whether appropriate, but England's performance lets me say is plays with fire the self-immolation, certainly, the lucky victory has avoided "the self-immolation" ahead of time performance. Perhaps was England has a low opinion of the enemy!

Only enters the ball to mention thought and is unworthy rejoices, because this is XX, the small shell free kick Camarra is pulled by opposite party goes against oneself goal.

Looked perhaps the competition, I in fantasy this only am Ericksen's scheme, the group match intentionally display in the condition, Paraguay do not take am not the difficult matter, nonessential investment percentage hundred.

. What also can say? Come on! England! Come on! Cross regiment's warriors! Had waited for 40 years champion, still needs to the hand fights with all might!

Dr Han (Super England football fans)
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